Booking terms for the arrangement of holiday home

When booking a holiday rental, the following requirements are needed.

  • 1) Binding Agreement

The agreement comes into force and is binding on the parties when the booking fee has been paid. The

tenant is responsible for checking that the information in the booking is correct carefully. If the booking fee

or the final payment is not paid before the deadline, the tenant thus deemed to have made a formal


  • 2) Information on holiday home

The homes are usually privately owned and rented fully furnished with beds and seating for the stated

number of persons and equipped with glassware, crockery, cutlery, kitchen utensils, blankets, pillows and

linens (bedding and towels).

  • 3) Rent and charges

The rental fee applies for the entire holiday home for the agreed period and includes the right for the

booking confirmation indicated the number of persons to occupy the dwelling. The rent includes a cleaning

before arrival. After cleaning charged to the tenant. On departure day the guest leaves a set per person of

dirty linens (bedding and towels) in residence in a heap on the floor.

  • 4) Rules for payment

The booking fee is 25% of the total rental amount and must be settled within ten days of booking. Payment

showed in the booking confirmation. Final payment of the remaining amount rent needs to be made no later

than 30 days before the lease takes effect. If the booking is made less than 30 days before the rental period,

the total rental amount paid per promptly. To get access to the rented accommodation, deposit in the form

of cash needs to be paid upon arrival. The size of the deposit made in consultation with the property owner

and may, therefore, vary between different properties. The deposit is for payment of any. Damages and

refunded on departure if the dwelling with associated furniture, equipment, key, etc. left in the condition it

was received.

  • 5) Rules for cancellation

Cancellation 30 days or more before the rental period: If the tenant cancels 30 days or more before the

rental period comes into force charged a cancellation fee equal bokningsavgiften25% of the rental amount.

Cancellations less than 30 days before rental period: If the renter cancels less than 30 days before the rental

period will be refunded nothing back to the tenant.

  • 6) Cancellation insurance

The tenant can take out insurance if necessary. Canceled in case of sudden illness, accident or death leads

to the holiday must be canceled. Costa Service can not provide its customers with contracts for

cancellation, although there are insurance companies that offer cancellation insurance to supplement the

family’s home insurance.

  • 7) Disposition

Holiday home must be in the rental period be at the tenant’s disposal, except for gardeners, pool attendants,

etc. and rental company’s site representative who is entitled to a review of the property during the rental


  • 8) The tenant’s obligations

Check-in and handover of keys to the holiday property is made after the agreed time on the day of arrival

unless otherwise agreed. For arrivals between the hours of 23:00 to 07:00 will be charged an extra fee of 50

Euro. It is the tenant’s responsibility to check the inventory to the inventory list on arrival. The holiday

home can not be used for several overnight than stated in the booking confirmation. The tenant and his

companions are obliged to cherish the holiday home and follow the rules, instructions, and regulations. The

tenant and his friends are responsible for the costs associated with any. Damage to the home and its

furnishings and equipment, and for irresponsible behavior. Damage sum deducted from the deposit. For

larger loss must be regulated before departure.

Ev. Insurance coverage for the tenant and his belongings during the rental period of the holiday

accommodation arranged and paid for by the tenant. Injury problems, errors or omissions relating to the

dwelling, which occurs during the rental period, shall be notified immediately to Costa Service for action.

If the tenant does not immediately report CS injury problems, errors or omissions considered everything to

be in order in the home.

It is the tenant’s responsibility to clean the holiday home regularly, wash laundry and empty the garbage

under regulations (waste separation) during the rental period. The occupant is advised never to leave the air

conditioning on when they are not inside the property or to run when windows or doors are open.

The tenant should leave the apartment in the condition it was received.

The tenant may not assign the lease or lease property in the secondary.

The tenant may not move out furniture or equipment out of the house to another place as these belong to

the private holiday home.

Check out is usually later then. 12:00 on the day of departure, unless otherwise agreed.

  • 9) Costa Service’s obligations

Costa Service is responsible for the information contained in the description of the property is correct. If

Costa Service is guilty of breach of contract replaces financial losses (non-injury). Costa Service’s liability,

when taxes accordingly all guests’ limited to the rental amount.

Costa Service is not responsible for the tenant or his medresenärers acts or omissions. Costa Service is not

responsible for damages or losses suffered by the tenant or his traveling companions at the break. The use

of the property and its furnishings and equipment, pool, patio, etc. is entirely at the tenant’s responsibility.

If the tenant for reasons not caused by Costa Service, not taking holiday accommodation in the claims, the

tenant can not make compensation.

  • 10) Fault reporting and complaint

If the customer does not immediately, inform Costa Service if possible. Shortcomings considered

everything to be to the rented property under the contract. Furthermore, this applies to defects that arise

during the rental period. External and regional factors, such as insects, stray dogs, adverse weather or for

example the condition of public natural areas are not eligible for compensation.

  • 11) Agreement Changes

When booking confirmation has been sent, it is unlikely, but not impossible, to changes in the description

of the property occurs. In case it is a question of significant change, the tenant has the right, within five

days after receiving the information cancel without cost, eventually repaid rent and reimbursed.

Costa Service has the right to price changes 30 days before the rental period begins on taxes, public charges

or exchange rates shift so that the rent is significantly affected. If prices increase by over 10%, the tenant

has the right, within five days after receiving the information cancel without cost, eventually repaid rent

and reimbursed.

If unforeseen circumstances prevent the use of the property, the rental company has the right to terminate

the contract before the lease period comes into force or during the rental period. In such cases, try the Costa

Service find a comparable vacation property to the tenant. If this is not possible or tenant for legitimate

grounds refuse the house, remaining rent and fees could be paid back.

  • 12) Force majeure

Costa Service is not liable for damage that occurs as a result of an insurmountable barrier or other

unforeseen events, such as Costa Service could not have averted. Force majeure shall mean any unexpected

event of extraordinary nature that precludes the ability to fulfill a contractual performance. These events are

war, riots, strikes, natural disasters, fire, export bans, etc. which makes it impossible for a party to meet its

obligations. If there is an international law or national legislation, restrict or prevent the Company’s leasing

business as regards these provisions.

  • 13) Legislation

According to rental terms of Spanish law.

LEGISLACIÓN APLICABLE: En todo lo no previsto en el presente contrato, será de aplicación lo

dispuesto el la Ley de Arrendamientos Urbanos del 24 de Noviembre de 1.994, y en especial lo dispuesto

en su Titulo 11, y subsidiariamente, lo dispuesto en el Código Civil

SUBMISIÓN DE FUERO: Para cuantas cuestiones pudieren suscitarse con ocasión de la interpretación y

cumplimiento del presente contrato, las partes con renuncia expresa al fuero que les pudiere corresponder,

se somete a la jurisdiccion y competencia de los Tribunales de Fuengirola.

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