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Basics Of Padel Explained

Basics Of Padel Explained

What is Padel? Brief History of the Game

Padel is a court game invented by Enrique Corcuera in Acapulco, Mexico. The game was first played in 1969, the year it was created. It shares some similarities with other court games played with racquet like Tennis, Badminton, and Squash.

Just like the similarly mentioned sports, it is played with a ball and racquet. However, there are few differences in the equipment used, as well as the court design. Though similar to tennis, the ball and racquet used are different, and it can be played both indoor and outdoor in doubles.

The inventor of the sport, Enrique Corcuera, established the first Padel club in 1974 in Marbella. And ever since, the game has been a popular sport in Spain. Today, it is now enjoyed all over the world, with significant prominence in Europe, the United States, and other Latin American countries.

The Equipment for Playing Padel

Padel has its unique equipment, just like other sport games. Basically, you need a racquet, a ball, and a Padel court.

1. The Racquet

Unlike the racquet used in playing tennis and badminton, a padel racquet does not have strings, and it’s usually smaller in size than that of tennis. It is, however, fully covered, solid, and perforated. The small and compact feature makes it easy to wield by both young and old.

Key Features

  • It has a maximum length of 45.5cm, a width of 26cm, and thickness of 38mm
  • The weight is between 340g and 370g
  • The outside is covered with either plastic or carbon.

2. The Ball

Padel ball is very similar to a tennis ball. In fact, a tennis ball can be used to play the game in the absence of an actual padel ball. But a padel ball typically has low pressure compared to tennis ball because padel court is smaller and fenced. 

Key Features 

  • Same size as a tennis ball
  • Low pressure

3. The Court

In short, padel court is like a combination of both tennis and squash court. It is usually enclosed by glass walls and metallic mash, and is smaller than a standard tennis court in size. The walls contribute to the playing of the game. 

Key Features

  • The court is divide by a net into two equal sides
  • Metallic mash and windows enclose the court into a dimension of length 20m and width 10m
  • The inside of the court can be accessed from both sides of the net.

Rules Guiding the Game

A set of rules guide every game, and the same applies to padel. Scoring in padel is just like it is in tennis. You earn points when the ball bounces twice in the opposition team’s side. To win a set, you need to win six games. The team that wins two sets is declared the champion. And in a case where both teams reach 6/6, the winner will be decided with a 7 points tie-breaker. 

When playing the game, the ball must touch the ground before any structure that makes up the court. Then, it must be played before making the second touch or bounce. Players are also allowed to use their windows to return the ball. 

Padel is a game that can be played by anyone across various age categories. The style of play and the equipment makes it a sport for all.